Name: Amanda P.
Age: 19
Birthday: Jan 23
Height: 5'5"
SW: 263 lbs
UGW: 140 lbs
Started: October 24th, 2011

GW1: 245 lbs
GW2: 230 lbs
GW3: 215 lbs
GW4: 200 lbs
GW5: 185 lbs

CW: 226 lbs

Last Update: October 2th, 2012

This is where my journey starts. I won't give up. I'm tired of being sad or unhappy because I don't like myself. This has got to change. And I refuse to wait any longer than I have.

17th April 2014

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Ursula by nitane featuring nars cosmeticsSilk shirt / R13 leather pants / Jessica Simpson suede pumps / Jessica Simpson high heel pumps / Octopus earrings / Swimming necklace / Mineral make up / Purple lipstick / Nars cosmetic
Ursula by nitane featuring nars cosmetics

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8th April 2014


Rockin’ Spring by nitane featuring a goth skirtGoth skirt, $45 / Print stocking / Shoulder bag, $43 / David Yurman skull pendant necklace / Alexander McQueen black jewelry / Emanuele Bicocchi silver skull bracelet / Tribal earrings / MAC Cosmetics lips makeup / Opi nail lacquer
Rockin’ Spring by nitane featuring a goth skirt

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2nd January 2014

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2nd January 2014


lost my motivation over this holiday break.

time to get back into the game.

18th December 2013

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also an addendum to the hunger games slide, when they put out a casting call for the role of Katniss, they specifically asked for only caucasian actors to audition, which left out any possibility for any amazing PoC actors to have been discovered.

i hope this was informational and i didnt leave anything major out. if anything is wrong or needs to be updated, message me and i’l fix any fallacies!

As much as I agree with this, Olive skin is used to describe European’s with ‘darker’ complexions. I’ve never in a million years thought of ‘olive skin’ as black and I’m a writer. If I were to describe a black person I would use words like ‘ebony’ or ‘chocolate’ or even something as simple as ‘dark brown’. Katniss is a white girl who’s been out in the sun her whole life.
Katniss Everdeen is an awful example to prove the point this post is trying to make. I mean, how is she supposed to be black if her sister Prim is blonde and fair-skinned?

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18th December 2013

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16th December 2013

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7th December 2013

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7th December 2013

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*sudden realization that next year is like 3 weeks away*

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7th December 2013

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